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tv   FOX Business After the Bell  FOX Business  February 1, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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picture. david: slightly off the 14,000. liz: just a little bit. first time since 2007 we touched that. kissed it as they say moved through it. what is the mood down there? >> come on. 13,999. let's close above 14,000. we can really make the headlines too, right? at the same time, you see all the super bowl jerseys. today is jersey day. the paparazzi is taking pictures like crazy. dow at 14,000 is here after five years. >> financials reeling rolling with the tide here led by morgan stanley. >> that's right, david. no doubt financials did very well. we saw broad-based buying. 28 of the 30 dow components in the green. morgan stanley was the one that jumped hit a new a annual high back to levels we haven't seen since 2011. liz: i wonder how much if anything the super bowl place into this? super bowl related stocks that are popular?
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>> we saw some names hitting new highs. stocks i was keeping an eye on beautiful low wild wings which started jumping since we started talking about it yesterday. liz: traders behind you. david: they're going to super bowl. google is doing a good job today. all-time highs. >> 775 for google. of the [closing bell rings] david: we're still about 150 points off the all-time high. but above 14,000. we'll take it. liz: the nasdaq -- by 36 points that is pretty significant i would say. we're looking at a good move as well for the russell which is hitting another decent high. some 42 s&p 500 stocks jumping to their all-time highs. 14,006. this number could still settle though, david. david: when you get a number like this you get historical, you start looking back the dow breaking 14,000 for the first time since 2007. it is now, the entire dow, up 114% since the low bar
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mark in march 19th when some lucky people bought into market. look at the best performer, american express. that is up 462%. we have caterpillar which is up more than 315%. home depot up 269%. by the way despite it getting slammed recently, apple's stock is up 450% from march 2009. liz: we have many so big consumer staple names hitting brand new all-time highs today although you could argue if you have kids consumer staple is an iphone. whole product sector, clorox and proctor & gamble, both added 1% today. in the food column, kellogg's, h.j. heinz. both hitting new highs. david: one thing we have mixed feelings about reaching highs on is oil. it did recoup a lot of yesterday's losses. finishing the weeks up almost 2%. crude rose 2 cents. to settle at $97.77 a barrel.
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for the 8th straight week of games for oil. liz: are you ready for the super bowl ads? godaddy, you heard that name. it has the pretty ladies. has a great job using its commercials as a tease, driving people to the website to find out how the story ends. a brilliant strategy. coming up, bob parsons, godaddy executive chairman and founder, the guy behind it all us know what is in store for this year. david: can't wait for that. a mercedes ad already creating a quite a buzz. it isn't the one they plan to show during the game, oh, no. the one they will air is even bigger. more stars, and get this. it is promoting their lowest priced car ever. the president and ceo of mercedes-benz usa will be here. of course we will have a sneak peek at the commercial. liz: wait until you hear the price on that mercedes. but first we'll tell you what drove the markets today. today's data download it is a sea of green on wall street. all three major indices ending higher for the
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52-week in a row. the dow closing above the 14,000 mark for the first time since october of 2007. this marked 11% gain as david mentioned from the bear market low hit in the march of 2009. all 10 s&p sectors posting gains led by telecom, financials and materials. what started this? well the labor department reported that employers added 157,000 jobs last month. the unemployment rate did tick up to 7.9% but november and december jobs numbers, they were both upwardly revised by a combined 127,000 jobs, so that looks good right? all of 2012 the economy added an average of 181,000 jobs a month. the u.s. manufacturing sector, some good news there, expanding since april. ism manufacturing index since it is known, the number on the screen, 5.1, any indication above 50, that means that there's expansion. the expectation was for contraction. so it was a very good number
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there, david. we've got mark sebastion to weigh on all of this. david: we do in the pits of the cme. he tells us why there is tremendous opportunity in europe right now. and jeff cleveland breaking down the hidden numbers in today's jobs report. liz: that is the, at the cme, give us how traders, you guys are the experienced ones, the media make a big deal when we hit the round number of 1,000, but what do the traders think? >> you don't see me covered in confetti right now? i thought you would have seen the party. i actually think we may have seen the most exciting day of month of february today. i look out what's ahead of us and i'm looking for a catalyst to really drive the markets. we had big move today of about 1% in the s&p 500. that's the biggest move we've really seen in couple of weeks. think about that. and i'm looking around and i'm, seeing nothing. but, that's a good thing.
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no news, and kind of the same news is really good for the markets. i think traders here are kind of expecting more of the same. this slow, gripedding market, moving higher. you know, molasses is good for the market in a lot of ways sometimes. david: well, it is weird to talk about slow-mo last ses when you have a 1,000 number on the screen, up triple digit its. what about facebook as a catalyst? some people are wondering whether that might, for all the slowness that had coming out of the gate it might be time for that stock so shine? >> facebook or entire mobile app. i'm looking for someone to buy twitter or one of the major social media companies. that could really drive the entire tech sector. it could make apple move, make a move. google, whoever makes that first, big, big move. facebook did it with instagram which ended up best really internet purchase at least so far since, you know, ebay bought
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paypal. so that was a good move. twitter, somebody is going to make a big move and that could really drive things. right now, look at google, that, is the big name, big driver that we saw today. just out of the gate. i think it is heading toward 800 bucks. david: oh. liz: two and two third% move. 75 bucks a way. a nice, nice chart. mark, great to see you. we'll see you in a few minutes when the s&p futures close. david: mark and jeff cleveland. there is lot of action on the s&p floor down there. jeff, let me go to you first. we're talking a little bit about the fed earlier today and its influence on the market. a lot of people thinking that unemployment number was just bad enough to may keep the fed in the action. is it fair to say, jeff, that the fed's bond buying is more about keeping the stock market up than getting unemployment down? if so, is there any dank are to that? >> well i don't think it is necessarily intended to keep
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the equity markets up but both the equity markets and the fixed income markets are really focusing on that unemployment rate number and the fact that --. david: because of the fed. because of what the fed might do in response. >> right. so, and what the number tells you this morning, david, 7.9% unemployment is a far cry away from 7%. we think it is when you get closer to 7% that maybe the fed, you know eases their foot off the gas pedal if you will. and, getting 157,000 jobs every month is good. it is not a recession you but probably will not get us close to that 7% in the foreseeable future. liz: mark, you seem so be the type as we have known each other a couple years through the television ether you would not fight the tape. we see what the tape has done but how do you feel about the economy as it weaves through the invests that you're making for your clients? >> we feel that the, you know, we're really stuck in
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a slow growth economy right now for the next several years. it has been proven by reinhardt and row governor, once the debt-to-gdp ratio crosses 90%, economic growth will slow to 1% a year until you get back to the below 90% number. we saw one 1/2 gdp growth last year. we expect maybe 2% gdp growth this year. let's not foregift we're entering the fifth year after bull market of the at some point we'll have to enter recession. we saw first negative gdp reading since 2009. liz: this year recession? this year recession? >> no, no. i think maybe towards the end of this year we may see the economy start to grow, even at a more slower pace. strictly due to the fact that, really everyone across the board is paying an additional 2% in taxes this year due to the payroll tax coming back. so we do think that is going to hurt the consumer toward the end of the year and
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consumption makes up 71% of our economic growth. david: well, jeff, it is guessing game whether we're going into recession or not but no guessing game about europe. europe is in a recession. you think it will stay there for all of 2013 that is pretty bearish. why do you think so? >> well i think the market is happy right now because the market looks at two things. euro stronger relative to the dollar. that is a good sign the market is looking for. and our 10-year, spanish government bond yield is lower than they were two months ago or three months agop or six months ago. those conditions hold. crisis is over, right, david? wrong. when you look at actual data, credit, the credit to the private sector continues to contract and for me that is the heart of industry. and that means you're going to be recession. 2013. >> that is the outlook. if you believe, mark maybe in the next couple years we might see recession surely you're still putting money to work. you like international
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exposure companies, international companies and some domestic ones. start with the international picture. show us the money. where are you putting it? >> for all of our clients we're working on five-year time horizon with our investment strategies. over the next five years, we think the best performing area will be emerging markets, followed by eurozone stocks and u.s. stocks are going to do the worst of the three on an annualized basis over the course of the next five years. david: by the way, does that mean you take issue of jeff's prediction 2013 the recession will stay in europe? >> think towards the end of 2013 europe will begin to emerge from the recession which should be bullish for stocks out there. one of the things we are saying over the neck five years we expect eurozone stocks to outperform u.s. stocks but that doesn't necessarily mean it will happen over the next 12 months. liz: we showed two. etfs. what about the domestic stocks where would you cover your bets? >> as far as domestic stocks
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we're sticking with more defensive, high dividend paying names some of the more undervalued companies we see out there. for example, apple the stock has been clobbered over the course of the last few months. we see a lot of value. it is trading at a significant discount to the s&p 500. it is trading at a significant discount to a company like microsoft i. i find it hard to believe apple is not as strong as a company as the other 499 companies in the s&p 500. david: by the way it surpassed samsung in terms of domestic phone sales. despite all the hype about galaxy, apple is number one in domestic phone sales, right. >> yes, yes it is. i think there is a lot of potential there. we like other high dividend payers. vodafone is a great play. we like seagate technology the very undervalued, great dividend yield. we'll stick with domestic stocks paying higher dividend so they can minimize volatility for our clients. liz: still likes the
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dividend trade. mark, jeff, have a great weekend. >> you too. liz: great to see you guys. technology, data storage equipment-maker emulex, have you heard of this company? names like cisco, dell, oracle, hewlett-packard. but continued weakness in i-t spending is taking a toll. the stock is following following its earnings release. coming up exclusively we've got the ceo. about his plan on acquisitions and he will see better times ahead. david: don't you love to look at this number? 14,000? thank god we're backed. last year's super bowl was the most watched tv show in history. advertisers taking advantage of this. mercedes-benz usa are showing us how they are spending big bucks to promote their lowest priced car ever. we'll tell you exactly how low. go daddy's executive chairman, nobody does a super bowl commercial like godaddy. they will tell us how to use
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david: we made it, 14,000. just about, we're still by the way, let's see about, 50, 60 points. s&p futures, a lot of activity, they're close. we heard the screaming in those last seconds. >> yeah, looks like we sfaf away a couple bucks after the close. but i wouldn't worry too much about that. i think people taking off positions into the weekend. you know, i think that you're going to see that dow break its record over the next month possibly. in the slow-moving markets, the momentum drives it and momentum is all higher. so, you know, 2009, 2008,
4:18 pm
still fresh in our head, but i think it is time to starting past that, look for potentially 1600 in the s&ps. who knows, maybe dow 14,500? david: not bad. have a great super bowl weekend, mark. >> you too. liz: people seeing 401(k) come back. their 529s come back which took precipitous drops. david: i wanted mark to hang on to bob parsons and godaddy. liz: they all are, trust me. shares of gamestop getting a boost. nicole is on the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole. >> gamestop was a stellar performer on this day where we hit 14,000. it was up six 1/2%. you had an upgrade from piper jaffray, raising that one to a buy today. there was concerns yesterday when gamestop and take-two interactive both pulled back. there were concerns about grand theft auto 5 being delayed. the analysts are coming out saying that is not a big deal that this particular
4:19 pm
game is being pushed back to september. with that we see dime stop jumping over the last six months up 41%. it certainly has been a stellar performer. i know about your kids, when are we going to gamestop? when are we going to gamestop? liz: every five seconds. then he wants to trade in the one he bought a week ago. david: thanks, nicole. have a good weekend. enjoy the super bowl. real estate market gears up for spring, homebuyers could have tougher time securing a mortgage. liz: that could mean the fha might have to take on a bigger load, one they might not be able to afford. rich edson in d.c. with the latest on this, rich? >> federal housing administration already guaranties more than a trillion dollars worth of mortgages t accounts for a quarter of all new loans. homebuyers looking to take advantage of a government insured mortgage will have to pay more. the fha is increasing annual mortgage premiums by a .1 of a percentage point on most of the mortgages it insures
4:20 pm
this is to help its $16 billion short fall. with the government involved in 90% of all new loans, next week the house financial services committee begins hearing on overhauling the government finance system. chairman jeb hensarling writes the fha dire financial condition and climate in our housings system is a every taxpayer is at great risk having to fund another washington bailout. one washington advisor says the fha may need some short term help show its fiscal situation is overblown. >> on the surface it looks like a number that is kind of a gasping number, something people are responding to and speak to the short-term solvency of fha. on itself is not really an accurate assessments of the solvency. >> democrats and republicans say they want to overhaul the government financing housing system and with taxes and budget dominating washington an upgrade of government housing policy anytime soons seems
4:21 pm
doubtful. back to you. david: rich edson, thank you very much, from d.c.. liz: data storage, we all have so much more we're doing online. storage equipment-makers are very popular these days but emulex is a company that struggled recently at least. they have seen their stock fall, following its earnings release and today they got hit very hard. they feed on revenue -- beat on revenue but the forecast was disappointing. the ceo says i-t spending for the full year looks promising. that will mean more business. is this a case that you ought to buy on the lows? he joins us exclusively after the break. david: final a stock you wan buy low in on. later this hour, a preview of the super bowl ads everybody is talking about. we have the two big players. president and ceo of mercedes-benz usa with a brand new car at a very low price point. the executive chairman and founder of, who does it better than godaddy? find out how they look to score big on sunday. ♪ .
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can. liz: shares of networking solution company, emulex in the red following the earnings release after the bell. they did not partake in today's rally. the company reported disappointing outlook numbers, ceo says expect to see major i-t growth throughout 2013. what does it mean for his business? is this an opportunity for you the investor if the i-t sector comes back? jim joins us exclusively from irvine, california. i'm trying to spin this we're pro-business, wee pro-companies like yours. you were year-over-year drop of 30% on the stock and tell me why you're positive on the story you're putting out
4:26 pm
there for investors. >> thanks for letting me join the show. we just come off a year where we actually had record revenues for the company, taken gained market share in all the product lines. march, normally for us a tough quarter. our largest product line tends to be down typically this time. we weren't just able to offset it with growth in some of our new emerging product lines. i view this pretty much as a transition here. liz: okay. >> if you look at the sector, i think you mentioned about mobility and everything else. we're dead center of that. there is huge data center buildout, i-t spend, from every analyst is going to grow. and storage and storage networks going to grow this year. we're very well-positioned, in the customers we have as well as with some new products we're rolling out this year, that are tuned for all that handling, all that data through the cloud. so, i'm feeling very bullish
4:27 pm
about the company here and this sector as it is performing. liz: well, i would like to mention some of those customers. emc, hp, oar kel, cisco, -- oracle, cisco, dell, ibm. they're in many different types of businesses but for you to be doing everything from storage to connection activity, my goodness you're competing with cisco. they're one of your customers. you look at the great partnerships you have and it actually makes sense but what will spur the i-t spending? is it, jim, so many of these companies put it off during a tough economic time and now, we can't anymore, we've got to be competitive, we've got to spend on this because then i get it? >> i think you're right. there are two factors here. one there has been pause in purchasing, all kinds overhangs with fiscal cliffs and all kinds of other things we've had it deal with. but the emerging markets continue to grow pretty substantially and most of the companies including
4:28 pm
emulex are in there. and, you know, the, this, i think there is going to be refresh year but think about the growth in data. it is exponential. and you know --. liz: huge. >> the cell phones, the ipads they don't have a lot of data. so data center buildout has to be running to keep up with people's thirst for data and we provide products that go into those data centers, around the world. that is what gives me a lot of optimism as far as over the next quarters and years to come. liz: i get it. i get it. you made an acquisition, a $130 million acquisition. for a company like yours sets up a pretty significant amount. will they see more of these in the future? >> we haven't quite finished acquisition yet. it will be completed this quarter. this is quite an interesting move for a company. you know, we provide products to help make the
4:29 pm
networking interconnects. end data, helps you with the speed of those networks. the speed we're putting in is growing so fast and tools that are around today, people want to see what is happening in the they network if something is going wrong. they want to fix it fast. time is money. and we look around the world and this was the one company that could do this at very high speed, with 100% accuracy. so it is so complimentary. emulex is not only putting the gear into the data centers to make it work, we've got a company now that will let people know what is going on. liz: well you're obviously among the best, you're obviously among the best in class. if you have ibm as a customer and all these other great names, oracle, they don't suffer fools gladly. so emulex is the company. $7 stock right now. it has taken quite a hit. you know what we'll do? we'll have you back. we'll give it a couple
4:30 pm
quarters and we would like to see the progression. thank you, jim. we appreciate it. >> i would love to do that. appreciate it. liz: jim mccluney was riveted with the fabulous accent. david: he had me with the accent and name like that and accent like that it --. liz: always welcome. david: are you ready for the big game? don't turn down sound for big commercials. mercedes is ready with a star-studded ad, you don't want to miss it sell a brand new car. the price of that car? how low will it be? you will be amazed. find out exactly how low that price is, and also more about what they have in store with the president and ceo mercedes-benz usa joining us in just a moment. liz: we'll talk supper bowl ads with godaddy's executive chairman and cofounder. they have been successful bringing tv and web with cliffhanger spots. they got some criticism last year. didn't do as well.
4:31 pm
we're take talking with the chairman and founder. this is $100,000.
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we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally. ♪ liz: here is an indicator the auto industry might be coming
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back. eight of them will be running ads during this week answerable. before the game even begins, one company is already been dubbed the at winner of the group, mercedes-benz. david: the new commercial is a devilish twist for the luxury-car company as it tries to we collected fabric with from the traditional model for the ad and its new carper lowest price car they have ever offered. with us now, president and ceo of mercedes-benz u.s.a. steve, i should mention, of course, this super bowl is going to be in mercedes-benz superdome , so congratulations on that. let's talk about this new car, that is all about the new car. the price of the car is under $30,000. this is a first for mercedes-benz. are you at all worried about diluting the brand? >> we are not worried at all. in fact, this the l.a. that we are launching at the super bowl absolutely delivers on the mercedes-benz brand promise. so it really is about delivering the right car at the right
4:35 pm
price. we use the super bowl because we're opening the brand. that is pretty much allow price, so we look at it not as diluting the brand, but opening up the brand and making it accessible to a larger audience. liz: here it is. the devil is offering him the car, and all of it would come with it. the red carpet, the hot babe, the experience, the stardom, the celebrity, and he can send the pen with his long fingernails. of course playing the devil, and then truly that moment where the billboard unveils, and it has that 299, under 30,000 level price that he says, i think i've got this. and as we continue to watch the commercial, the cover. he is in japanese magazines and all of these exciting things like vanity fair. what is the concept for this? because it is completely different than what mercedes has done in the past, which is stay away from celebrities and hold on simply to just the car.
4:36 pm
>> right. we were trying to open up the brand. we are going younger, and pop culture plays with the and her audience. our agency partner did a terrific job. i think they thread the needle to try to come up with a fine concept, the concept that absolutely steps up to this stage of the super bowl, communicates price, but it really is not just all about price but the car, the brand, all that belongs with it. but price, that payoff at the end that you can have all of this and it is under $30,000. we think that is the moment, and that is why i think the agency did just a beautiful job of a great creative concept. david: how much of this concept comes from your direct competitor, bmw? bmw has been beating you up recently in the u.s., and this is clearly oriented more toward that customer. did that play into your calculations? >> no, i mean, we have to play our own game. we are playing the mercedes-benz game. this was accused opporunity. a brand-new car, a brand new price point.
4:37 pm
a year with a market growing, the super bowl, the single biggest event in the united states coming to our house, the mercedes-benz superdome. he put all those factors together and we said, this is an opportunity that is too good to be true, so it had nothing to do with bmw and everything to do with mercedes-benz buying its own game. liz: here comes that coupe, which i love the first three letters because, of course, of tell you something right now, you look at this and say, wait a minute. it's not available until the fall. is there worry that there might be that sort of time difference and then people think twice and don't go with it? >> the nice thing about the way the market has developed, we now have digital and social, so we have the opportunity to make a big splash with the super bowl. a hundred and 11 are hundred and 15 million people watching, and then we have social and digital to kind of keep that alive between february and september, so we are excited about the prospects, and we already know this is going to be a successful launch. david: a little bit out of the
4:38 pm
box, but you are a west point grad, former army ranger, how did that experience help you manage mercedes-benz? >> i tell you, when -- first of all, i got some amazing opportunities for leaders in the army working with the finest soldiers in the world. so kind of that's something that has been part of who i am in my back pocket since i graduated from west point. to me, that has been absolutely essential and kind of carried that threw for my whole career. david: i did not mean to throw you sideways on at night you did not brag about it, but i was intrigued. best of luck. it will be a fabulous game. we're looking forward to the commercials. i am willing to bet a lot of people are going to a leave the sound on during these commercials. liz: we will watch for that particular one as the big reveal happens. he is i need to take the pen from the devil. it is too expensive. thanks. david: nanette think she will buy one. liz: it's perfect.
4:39 pm
david: another company that is no stranger to the super bowl is go daddy, known for, of course, sexy ads designed to drive people to the website to see the big reveal. what is in store for this year? coming up next, the executive chairman and founder. ♪ twins. i didn't see them coming. i have obligations. cute obligations, but obligations. i need to rethink the core of my portfolio. what i really need is sleep. introducing the ishares core, building blocks for the heart of your portfolio. find out why 9 out of 10 large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal.
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♪ >> i'm adam shapiro with your fox business brief. the national test predacious a keyboard says if boeing 787 investigation is moving swiftly and making progress. fifty boeing 787 remain grounded worldwide while the ntsb and japanese officials investigate the cause a battery fires aboard those aircraft. the ntsb is expanding its probe to include an energy department battery expert. u.s. manufacturing activity grew at a faster pace us month. the institute for supply management says the index of
4:42 pm
manufacturing activity jumped to a better than expected leading of 531. any reading over 50 signals expansion. and you are getting up bell went the old sales line, only this time it could be from a private company. rumors that dell could announce a deal to go private monday. driving share prices of more than 3 percent today. as the latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper. ♪ [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. executor of efficiency. you can spot an amateur from a mile away... while going shoeless and metal-free in seconds. and from national. because only national lets you choo any car in the aisle...and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. now this...will work. [ ale announcer ] just like you, business pro. just like you. go naonal. go like a pro.
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♪ david: advertising and internet products on tv is always a tough sell, except for our next guest, the founder of domain name company shocked tv viewers at big events like the super bowl and tease them over to computer screens with ads like this for that even racier stuff. the gimmick worked. and to go down the forest. audi you keep them coming? let's ask founder and executive chairman of the board for go
4:44 pm
daddy in the former marine who i know and love. good to see. thank you for coming in against. >> good to see you. simper find. david: now, you are changing the formula little bit, as i understand. we are going to see the flat. don't give us any hints. what sells better than sex? and distended will not be quite as sexy as the other ads? [laughter] >> as a company we are going up. our advertising has to move along with that. you know, we have two different at this time. one is our same old self, and the other is, well, just a little more better business. david: let's play it. we can talk about it. let's play the debt that we're talking about. though less sexy go daddy ed. play that now. >> when you going to put your idea online? >> relax. it is like anyone else will have the exact same idea that up to my head. >> at the you know no one else has come up with it? >> because they haven't. totally original.
4:45 pm
>> really. >> really. >> idiot proof. >> a real moneymaker. >> thank goodness i put it on line first. >> more champagne? >> more everything, as directors. [laughter] >> don't wait. your big idea. david: in addition to being funny, that is a great ad. the only thing i think that sells better than sex is hope, hope that i can be a winner with some is that what you're going for? >> for sure. because one of the things that we know is that everybody has an idea. and it is the people that put their ideas into action that actually go to go daddy and register them that make them happen. you know, nothing happens when you're sitting on the sofa, david. david: are you a little nervous that this may not bring in the viewers with the sexy ads? >> you know, in some ways i think it is going to resonate well, so it is going to be interesting to see how it plays out. david: you still have not given up with the girls, though,
4:46 pm
right? >> oh, absolutely not. that is our trademark. david: and patrick. she still with you? >> dennis patrick is still with us. and she is going to be driving the go daddy car in the sprint up this year. david: so how have they paid off for you? the sponsorships? >> the sponsorships have done really well. the very fact that we keep doing them sends a message that they work. you know, it is if we stop you can be sure they're not working, but they are. david: nothing brings out sort of the idea of a company or the signature of a company like the super bowl ad, and we were thinking back to the apple 1984 ad. it was really -- that was the one where steve jobs introduced mcintosh. a huge ad that changed the course of history with a company. i'm wondering if you think -- you give advice to apple. rough times recently in this time for another 1984 and. >> well, you know, apple, if you look at the company, they're
4:47 pm
still doing rather well. the stock being down as it is given their growth that they have in the amount of cash that they have puzzles me a bit, so i think they are in good hands. david: maybe we will see another 1984. thank you so much. always a pleasure. thank you for the preview of what is to come. >> you're welcome. thank you for having me on the show. david: bob parsons, executive chairman and founder. liz: who is going to when the actual game? we have the amazing crest can pick still right here in sealed boxes. this one box, of course, has his pick to win. the other, they are all sealed, has what he predicted the final score. the team and this court. david: boxes are stealing sealed in this a place. on monday we will have him back, and we will open this box and another just like it in liz's office lies on air to see if he was correct. liz: he is a mental list.
4:48 pm
he got it right when you're on your show. david: three points. they did. liz: we have the answers in the box. stay tuned until monday and we will open them. david: meanwhile, big banks are sending out a warning about a bond bubble. should you be concerned? liz macdonald has the details coming right after this. ♪
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♪ liz: listen up if you have a lot of money in bonds. big wall street players are warning investors that a dangerous bond bubble could threaten their investment portfolios. david: elizabeth macdonald this year, and she has been sounding the fire engine red alarm for a while. liz: you were in dollar bus -- of those last week. talking about it last week. and then also warning that investors are not protected. carey said, listen, goldman is not going to be the buyer of last resort said -- like the fed reserve has been. we will help facilitate this if it happens. they are afraid it will. and goldman has been helping to protect its own balance sheet, locking in low rates right now, borrowing a lot. lower by about 63, 65 percent of value at risk.
4:53 pm
really dropping it down to low levels to prevent interest-rate exposure. and now fitch is out with a warning saying, you know, the corporate bond market is basically a bubble in search of a pen. look at this. early 2011. this is what they are afraid of. the typical u.s. corporate bond losses could lose 15 percent of the 30-year bond suffering 26% loss. so the fear, the buzz on wall street is we could see a 2002-like route in bonds. they're not saying how, when, white, where, no details, but that aid half trillion dollars corporate bond market could be rattled a little bit with this. and when you have blank line saying it, you have to say, wait a second, what is going on? and i will tell you something, pensions and life insurance, and also a systemic risk of bank balance sheets because they have been big buyers of government bonds. so the banks are truly too big to fail because they have been the ones buying government debt. we have to watch out. david: a bubble in search of a
4:54 pm
pen. only liz macdonald. liz: thank you very much. david: well, you think new york is an expensive city? maybe not today. up next, find out where in the big apple you can get coffee for a nickel. and a slice of cheesecake for $0.19. we will tell you where. liz: plus, we will look ahead to the market moving news expected last -- next week. keep it here on fox business. ♪ all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock.
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>> time to go off the desk, over to grand central terminal that turns a hundred today, and people with experience what it was like back in 1913. you still have some time. retailers and restaurants are rolling back prices to when the station opened. you can get coffee for a nickel, a shoe shine for a dime, and a loaf the rye bread for six cents, just tonight. in case you are wondering, the train tickets are not discounted. >> how about the corned beef on the rye? the top three things to watch next week, number three, ism nonmanufacturing tuesday, they expect to reading to drop to 56.6, and that survey measures orders, employment, a reading
4:59 pm
above 50 indicates expansion. the number one thing to watch next week will be the marts on your screen, and we closed oillet january, and the dow, yes, closing above 14,000, the first time since 2007 the dow 150 points from the all time high. >> and we want to talk about someone who was a friend of the show and of us in particular. ed koch, the mayor of new york, his honor, passed this morning early, about 2 a.m. this morning at 88 years old. besides being just a wonderful guy, he brought the city back to life from near bankruptcy in the late 1970s. he inherited a deficit about $2 billion, and within five yea
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